kitchen stainless steel

Emmevi offers a collection of kitchen faucets crafted in stainless steel throughout. The collection includes a vast array of sink mixers: with swivel spouts, pull-out sprays, left levers or 3-way diverters. Some of the items in the kitchen collections are also available with an “Energy Saving” cartridge. This collection comes complete with F 3/8” supply hoses.

Each product has been designed to guarantee smooth function and design, to meet the needs of a modern kitchen.



Stainless Steel

ES Cartridge – Energy Saving

The focus is on energy saving.
The ES (Energy Saving) cartridge allows a significant energy saving. The boiler is switched on only in the event of an actual recall of hot water, when the lever is positioned to the left. The opening of the lever in central position dispenses cold water, thus reducing unwanted use of the boiler and energy consumption.

supported items

Some items of the kitchen collections (recognizable thanks to the specific icon) are also available with the “Energy Saving” cartridge installed by default, or to be mounted optionally.

If the Energy Saving cartridge is already mounted: the ending ES is present in the article code.

If the Energy Saving cartridge is not already mounted: it is possible to order a product on which it can be mounted by adding the ending ES to the item code.