True to ourselves, all the way.

Life changes us, yet some things remain unaltered: what we are, what we believe in, and what we seek to achieve by putting our all into it. Since we first stepped into the world of faucets, back in 1977, so many things have changed: technologies have moved on, Italy has evolved, along with the world around us, and our company has changed hands from one generation to the next, from parents to children.
And it is those children who today have the task of guiding Emmevi towards change, while maintaining everything that makes us unique.

Beautiful objects, skillfully crafted.

Our guiding light has always been the values and ideas that are a part of us, and have been since well before we were able to recognize them in every aspect of our work, and long before we were able to put a name to them: our on-going passion seeking out new ideas and cutting-edge technologies, and a desire to strive for quality (in our products, our work and our lives), aspiring to improve every day so we are increasingly able to make beautiful, skillfully crafted objects.

How we make our mark.

Our ambition is to leave a unique, distinctive mark on every product. Hence our constant pursuit of leading-edge manufacturing technologies. This is why we subject our faucets to rigorous checks (on the raw materials, components and processes…). And this is the reason we hold onto them: more than 1,000,000 pieces a year, stored in our 8000-square meter warehouse, always ready to be shipped where they’re requested.

And that’s why we got Quality Management System certification ISO 9001:2015.

This is how we make our mark: ensuring it’s left on what comes before and after the faucet.

Emmevi, where faucets are a family affair.

When a company is founded on more than just a business plan, an entrepreneurial opportunity or a demand from the market…when a company is a journey the parents embarked on before gradually handing over the baton to their children for them to carry it forward…that’s when it becomes a family affair.
Emmevi is a workplace, but in a sense it’s also a home for those who spent their childhood among the corridors and the offices, the trees in the courtyard and the machines on the factory floor, and grew up breathing all this in.

Working with us, not for us.

Although the roles and positions in our company are clearly defined, we’ve always adopted an inclusive approach that regards everyone. We like to see what we do as a choral effort, able to reach peak efficiency and optimal results only when everyone operates to the best of their ability, with enthusiasm and peace of mind.
Our hallmark mission has always been engagement, both emotional and occupational. Maintaining solid, lasting relationships with our staff, suppliers and customers is essential for us. As a business, but above all as individuals.

Objects for everyday beauty.

When we design each faucet, we imagine it in action: a baby’s first bath, a fruit rinsed after lunch, a glass of water in the middle of the night. Keeping users in mind drives us to create flawless products – in terms of both function and style – and to embellish them with material and color finishes.
In our catalogue, you’ll find brass and stainless steel faucets for bathrooms and kitchens (in the Modern, Classic and Easy collections), as well as shower systems for wellness and bathroom accessories.

From a small village to the whole world.

San Maurizio d’Opaglio is the village where our company was founded, and where it remains based to this day. This municipality of around 3000 inhabitants – located in the heart of what has always been the Italian faucet district – is both our workplace and our home. This inviting village, nestling in the greenery and surrounded by nature, lies close to the waters of Lake Orta.
This beautiful place provides the inspiration for most of our production of faucets and accessories destined for homes, hotels, resorts and the lives of people all over the world.

Speaking tomorrow’s language, today.

For us, innovation is something that regards every aspect of what we do. This is why we’re constantly renewing our brand and our communication resources, maintaining continuity with our past and meeting the needs of our customers, installers and distributors, who increasingly speak a digital, international language.
This language has its home on internet and social media – which play an increasingly important role alongside brochures, price lists and guides – as well as in domestic and international trade fairs, where we have the chance to meet new people and explain who we are and what we’re passionate about.