We have done more. To consume less.

Simple lines and an essential design, which is well suited to any classic or modern bathroom. Technological heart, with flow regulator (to reduce water consumption) and temperature limiter (to optimize the use of the boiler and supply hot water only when needed).
BetaNew collection combines style and technology in products designed to offer economic savings and the preservation of the environment and its resources.




EWS Cartridge – Energy & Water Saving

A step towards water saving.
The EWS (Energy & Water Saving) cartridge allows a significant energy saving. The boiler is switched on only in the event of an actual recall of hot water, when the lever is positioned to the left. The opening of the lever in central position dispenses cold water, thus reducing unwanted use of the boiler and energy consumption.

In addition to energy savings, the EWS cartridge adds further technology and also ensures water savings. The water supply is controlled by the double-click lever. The first click dispenses up to 50% of the flow. The second click dispenses the maximum flow. In order to regulate consumption and use only the water you need, when needed, respecting the environment.

supported items

Some items of the bathroom collections (recognizable thanks to the specific icon) are also available with the “Energy & Water Saving” cartridge.
To order items with Energy & Water Saving cartridge it is necessary to add the abbreviation EWS to the item code.